Lily Quinn – Toreador – Ancilla

Quinn grew up wanting to be a fashion designer. Her mother used to joke that she came out of the womb with fabric and patterns. Her step-mother, on the other hand, was much less supportive. At the age of 16, her step-mother and father kicked her out of the house, and she became an emancipated minor. She was discovered as a designer at the age of 18. Her punk, gothic, and steampunk style because wildly popular among teens and young adults. As a result, she quickly grew in fame. Unfortunately, her fame attracted the attention of the man who would become her sire. Her popularity continued after she was Embraced, and her fashion line achieved great success.

The identity of Lily White arose when Quinn had to work as an exotic dancer when she first was on her own. Lily is an accomplished dancer, which, when combined with her youthful appearance, made her very popular among customers. She rose to success in her club, and now has a business of a professional escort. To her fellow Kindred, Quinn and Lily are the same person; however, to mortals, the two are completely separate people.

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