Goetzschlagg-Tremere Elder

Not much is known about the origins of this Kindred. His countenance speaks of magical wars fought eons ago.


Eerie Presence X4:  Glowing Red Eyes, Smell Of Burning Sulfur, Plants Wither And Die,                                          Scaled Skin

Known Dead

  • Has an intolerance for progressive non-traditional kindred.
  • His devilish countenance suggests he may actually be an infernalist hiding in plain sight.
  •  Has been sent by the tremere leadership to keep an eye on Florida
  • Has a talent for uncovering secrets.
  • I heard he was once up for Justicar, but was passed over because it was deemed he would have been “too effective” at the job.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • Lead a raid in Spain to destroy the Tremere Chantry there when the city fell to the Sabbat.
  • Has a amicable relationship with Ventrue Elder Vincenzo Vitale
  • Sire of Archon Gabriel Vega
  • Glowing Red eyes and the smell of bale fire surround him, Plants wither in his presence,  rumored to have had congress with demons
  • Lead a Camarilla war parties during the conquest of Florida
  • Known to be diplomatic first and aggressive last. Rumors state that the Tremere he speaks with more often than others defend and uphold the Camarilla and many political actions.
  • It is said he has lost knowledge of the clan
  • Known to have been alive in the 1100’s, it’s rumored he may have assisted Clan Tremere’s move to Vienna.

Information Known “ONLY” to other Tremere

Tremere Only Knowledge:

Rank: Lord of the 2nd Circle

Positions: Lord of the South East Territory of Florida

House: House Avakian, Founding MemberAvakian

Lineage: Goratrix,  Favored disciple of Tremere.

  • Vienna speaks highly of him however rumors swirl.
  • Master of Auspex
  • Had a hand in the creation of the Gargoyles, it is said he still has one.
  • High Ranking Tremere in Europe for many years it
  • A strict and traditional ritualist his instructors in Thaumaturgy have been by some of the most renown.
  • Master of Dominate
  • Yearly, he holds a rite to signify the turn of the seasons. There is perhaps more to it than that..
  • It is rumored he is cursed by the hellspawn he sent back to the abyss during the Massea War
  • Member of House Avakian, and has been since it’s creation.

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