Fenrir Lukka – Gangrel – Elder

When Fenrir was born, the world was full of monsters and eldritch creatures. Jotunn roamed the land, Gods wandered among the people and to the Heddinn, the world was theirs for the taking. Cast out as a child, Fenrir was raised by a pack of Ulfhednar where he learned warfare and death. In his mortal life he cut a bloody swath across the lands of the North with his pack and this drew his sires attention.

Embraced hundreds of years before the first revolt, Fenrir was molded by Memnon, an ancient Kindred of unknown age but well known power and respect. Fenrir acted as his Sires enforcer and together they grew and expanded their territories along with their Pack. Then the dark times came and Fenrir hearing his Brothers cries for freedom, enjoined with them to fight back the Elders and the mortal threats that besieged their kind.

Fenrir quickly rose as a well respected leader during the Revolt and gained the rank of General, commanding legions of Anarchs for the new Movement. After the war Fenrir could have laid down his arms and returned to his sires side as his Brother did, but he chose to remain loyal to the new Movement and left Europe for the Americas to live in exile while he attempted to regain the humanity he lost during the war.

He landed in Canada and found a valley he could hide away from the world. He spent his nights hunting fur traders and trappers, developers and soldiers. All to protect the indigenous peoples there. During this time he embraced two childer, Scandinavian immigrants that wandered to close during a bout of rage. From them Hati and Skoll were born and there they remained for hundreds of years while the world developed around them. Then as Gangrel are oft to do, Fenrir just left and began to wander. He landed in Orlando and quickly made a name for himself as a powerful Kindred worthy of respect despite the fact he was Anarch. He claimed a territory and declared it a Barony, he drew Anarchs to him, including his own childer, he made deals with the Local Prince, worked alongside the Camarilla to keep the peace and for a time they thrived, but it was not to last. The Movement had changed and Fenrir had not. He was resented for his age and immovability by the young Anarchs under his authority so, to defuse a potential disaster, Fenrir and his childer enjoined with the Camarilla and took the territory with him. Due to his Sires standing, Fenrir and his childer were welcomed into the Camarilla with open arms to the cries of Anarchs across the world.

Now Fenrir is trying to find the balance between his new life and his old while trying to maintain the territory he and his childer have cared for for the past year, garner Respect and power for himself and his Clan and fight back the encroaching darkness that threatens to swallow all Kindred of advanced years.

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