Marcus Barlow – Tremere – Neonate

If there was ever a word which could describe Marcus Barlow, it would probably be…weird. Or at least something close to it.  While growing up in a rather nice lifestyle due to his father’s manipulation of local housing markets during the Real Estate Bubble of 2008, he always yearned for something MORE. Some grand purpose or some great feat or accomplishment which could captivate his mind and potentially help the world in the process. So, when he was selected to be Embraced, he leaped at the chance. After all, what wonders could one work with access to nigh immortality and the power of REAL magic?

Trading the incandescent light of a sterile industrial lab for the warm torch lit glow of a Chantry archive, he strives to both understand and harness the new found power at his fingertips in order to truly make a mark upon the world, whether they know it or not. He’s not a glory hog after all…

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