Arioch “Magick” Melnibone- Elder Assamite-


“His reputation proceeds him as one who can be jovial one minute and devastatingly viscous the next. Some have joked about his time with the Architect Justin Case in South America to have rubbed off on the Assamite Elder’s personality that he almost resembles of a Malkavian. In fact, the other similarity between the two is that only image of the Assamite Elder is one that was hand drawn by a Toreador Elder on the eve of striking a Sabbat Stronghold. No photos of the Elder have ever been found.

Famous Contracts: Brujah Former Archon Theo Bell assist with the removal of Sabbat in South America, Ventrue Camarilla Founder Hardestadt as a personal weapon in his solidification of power, Tremere Prince of Greece to publicly execute his Blood Hunted Primogen Council by rite of Aramanth.

He wields magic like a scythe cutting through a field of wheat.
He is really a Malkavian who learned Thaumaturgy.
He is really a member of The True Hand.
He is really a Mage playing at being a Vampire.
He is an escaped creation by the Tremere who he now hunts.

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