Archangel – Nosferatu – Elder

The Iron Mask was a cruel and effective torture and punishment well into the late 1700s and early 1800s. The face and head was completely encased in a mask, or in more extreme cases, heated in a fire until it is red hot, then placed on the face and head, only to be removed when it is cool, making the person unrecognizable.

The punishment was for people they wanted to disappear. It also breaks the will of a person, even making them forget who they are.

Archangel knows this torture all too well. A simple farmer, he was dragged from the fields into the center of his village, where people he has never seen before stood around a large bonfire, an iron mask sitting within its flames. Without words, he has held down and the glowing mask was placed and locked on his head with a large padlock. It was never removed. Then we was dragged though the village to the docks, where he was thrown onto a ship bound for a political prison. The kind of prison where they throw people they want to have erased from the world.

With no reason why he was subjected to this, and the hell of the prison ship, his mind broke. It was in the arms of another that he found some solace, at least for a short while. He became Nosferatu that night.

Archangel has lived these past three centuries with only two lessons: trust only Clan, and never trust politics or political desires. The mask reminds him of what happens when one trusts politics, even though he has no memory of his life before the mask and his Embrace.

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