Anthony Vitale – Elder – Ventrue

Anthony Vitale, “Son,” of Vincenzo Vitale and brother of Matteo. Anthony Vincenzo was turned as Anthony Romano of the Ventrue Romanos. They were a line that was fairly new as Anthony’s sire started the line of Romanos. He lived in luxury and he lived in Pride, his sire was not well known, but he had big dreams. About 100 years ago the family took on Vincenzo in trying to harm his reputation and cause several issues for him.both publicly and privately. Anthony’s sire didn’t know what was coming until it was too late. The Romano line had the attack flipped on them and Anthony’s sire was sent to Italy and was never heard from again. Anthony saw Vitale was clearly the shark in this ocean, so he requested to be apart of his Dynasty. Boons paid, tests passed, Vitale accepted Anthony.

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