​Archibald Reginald Bumbersnatch III – Neonate – Nosferatu – Big Game Hunter

Archibald Reginald Bumbersnatch III was a man who had it all. Born into the upper class of Great Britain during the 1860s, he was afforded land, money, and title before he’d drawn his first breath. He grew to become a handsome young man, joining Her Majesty’s service and assisting in the taming of the savage Indians.

He arrived too late to India for the majority of the battles. Instead he took up a stewardship and began idling his time hunting the continents game. After retiring, he traveled the world hunting before settling in Orlando for his golden years. There he was targetd by clan Nosferatu as a spite embrace. His good looks and charmed life inspired his turning in to a monster. To his sire’s great surprise, Archibald could care less about his good looks.


The thought of an eternity hunting keeps him in a jovial mood.

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